Greetings DirtyWeed,


Ironically , not only did JP make The Dirty,  he will make DirtyWeed. A manipulator of many cannabis businesses , he is the ultimate con-artist. He runs around the San Jose cannabis scene , but has ruined many businesses. He speaks of being a decorated air-force veteran , but uses false sob stories of combat, to gain sympathy as a veteran. Truth is , he quit the air-force and has a rentry of 2-c (air force will not consider him again).

If that isn’t bad , this rep of White Fire Delivery in San Jose isn’t just on delivery for weed , he’ll sell coke to patients he meets in dispensaries. But when he’s not lying about his air-force career , or selling coke , he’ll rob a vendor and not pay them.

But he wont just not pay them their thousands of dollars , while they ask for their money , he’ll give it out to women and loiter parking lots in hopes to give to Joe Rogan.

jp the fake veteran and scam artist