Dear DirtyWeed,

Is San Jose a safe haven for illegal delivery services?

The following delivery services advertise without a license , and are heavily suspected of being illegal marijuana delivery services, operating throughout San Jose & Bay Area. Illegal activity minimizes tax revenue to the city and state , and ultimately to the community.

Arch Wellness
Black Label Organics
Cali Care Collective
Cali’s Finest Greens
Elemental Wellness
Ghost Delivery
GJ Express
Haha Organic
K&R Delivery
Kush Rush Exotics
Le Shoppe
Bayshore Now MINT Xpress
Vape Heaven
San Jose’s Farmaceutical
Silicon Valley Medicinal
Tetra Relief
United Pot Service
WitchCraft 3xotixs

What are the penalties for illegal marijuana distribution? Well , thats beyond the BCC and up to the City, State , or Feds to decide, if they find the time.