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If you want to file a review or a rebuttal/consumer comment to an existing review you need to register first. Good news! Registration is free.

The information provided by you during the registration process, and any updates you make thereafter are for our records and will be used in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please read each of these pages before continuing with registration as it may affect your rights and explains the way we handle (preserve indefinitely/permanently) data.

Accurate emails are important, and you should take care in keeping your contact information on file up to date. Our support includes communications from us, when necessary, about issues that may affect your rights or otherwise be connecting you with someone else interested in your situation. Our goal is to protect consumers, and those affected negatively by individuals, businesses, and entities within the cannabis industry!

Don’t miss your opportunity to be connected with inquiring media or to get support from other victims, lawyers, or investigators in regard to your issue.

We cannot help direct important or helpful information to you if we cannot contact you. By registering, you affirm that you have read, understand, and agree with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and understand that such Terms and Policy creates a binding legal contract.


We believe that keeping you informed and connected is vital to your resolution. As such, while you can always uncheck any box now or modify the settings from your account dashboard at a later time, we have opt you in to receive communications relating to the following:

  1. Another individual may want to compare notes offline. Periodically we receive communications from other consumers, just like you, who have been ripped off by the same person that was complained about on DirtyWeed. Sometimes these people want to reach out to authors in order to discuss their similar problem so maybe you can work together.
  2. A lawyer or consumer advocate might want to help you. If we receive communications from lawyers and consumer advocates who are representing a victim or we would like to connect you. They often want us to either send them your information or otherwise pass along their contact information to you so that you can decide if you are interested in contacting them. Maybe they will be able to assist you as well.
  3. A TV news station, magazine, newspaper or other media may want to reach out to you in order to run a story about a situation that you have complained about.
  4. Formal and Informal Arbitration: In the event an individual , business, or entity may want to bring resolution to your claims through arbitration, we will contact you to proceed forward, if you desire.




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