Greetings DirtyWeed,
conflict between RCP / Sac Metro vs GreenDoor ?
Taken from Yelp
“So I just got back from green door after not being there for a week and it appears on Monday the 14th there are new owners. You have to register again, new forms No product, no familiar staff. I have been going here for 3 years but not anymore. Bad business to do this to loyal employees and customers without ANY notice! Time to find a new dispensary!”
Sac Metro went through a partnership with greendoor sf.
After bringing snoop dogg , investing into the dispensary, and spending a bunch of money shit went bad. Word on the street is that after bringing greendoorsf into sac metro to become GREEN DOOR METRO and boost their brand in Sac , Metro stalled on finishing the deal while GreenDoorSF continue to invest.
In all Miguel of GreenDoorSF did not get the deal signed and the owner of Sac Metro then partnered up with David Guletta of RCP and formed a deal and kicking GreenDoorSF to the side, without any financial recourse. Shady shit indeed.